A Young Researcher Initiative for Open Dialogue on New Plant Breeding Techniques and the Policy Thereof

Let's learn!

We are aiming to provide you with easily understandable information on Plant Breeding, and techniques and technologies used in this field

Opening up Dialogues

We are continuously hosting events to exchange perspectives on the future of agriculture, and what role technologies like genetic editing could and should play

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Our Objectives

Inform Society

We host open access information so that society can have an informed opinion on the future (technologies) of agriculture.

Stimulate Open Dialogue

We host dialogue sessions to stimulate dialogue on New Plant Breeding Techniques, their policy and implications in agriculture.

Represent Young Researchers

We aim to give a voice to students and young plant researchers on the topic of New Plant Breeding Techniques and their policy.

Influence EU policy

We want to influence the current EU policy to enable the use of New Plant Breeding Techniques in a responsible, future-proof manner.

About Us

The GeneSprout Initiative is an initiative led by young researchers. We are committed to increasing public engagement and awareness about New Plant Breeding Techniques. We aim to be a voice of young plant scientists in the policy-making process in Europe. We define ourselves as the following:

“A Young Researcher Initiative for Open Dialogue on New Plant Breeding Techniques and the Policy Thereof”

Want to join us?

We are currently expanding our initiative throughout Europe. Are you a young researcher/student or otherwise an expert on New Plant Breeding Technologies and are you concerned about the future use of them in Europe and you want to do something about it? Perhaps we can help you set up your own branch of the GeneSprout Initiative. Please check our Join us page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free reach out to us! 
We are very open for interactions with the media, as well as students and student initiatives around the globe.