New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) have the potential to change food production, health and the environment on a global scale. Open access, and easy-to understand knowledge about the techniques and their implications are still very limited. GeneSprout Initiative is involved in several projects to stimulate debates and increase knowledge on these New Plant Breeding Techniques. Moreover, we focus on using societal input to give recommendations on policy of these techniques to be used responsibly.

Altogether, the following objectives summerize the focus of our activities:

1. Gaining more insight into the current knowledge and opinion of society on NPBTs: We host open dialogue events and debates on NPBTs for the general public. We also conduct surveys to understand the current standing of people on NPBTs from different disciplines of life.

2. Improving free-to-use, open access information and knowledge on NPBTs: We are committed to increase open access information on New Plant Breeding Techniques. You can find us on social media platforms such as InstagramLinkedinTwitter and Facebook were we share interesting and accessible content and try to engage as much as possible with the public. Additionally, we are working on our own learning tab to provide an elaborate learning platform that anyone interested can access freely. 

3. Organising students and young researchers on a global scale: Finally, GeneSprout wants to be the voice of the young researchers on future policies on New Plant Breeding Techniques. We are working on organising students and young researchers from around Europe and beyond to get involved in policy making processes on NPBTs. Our aim is to get student representatives on a global scale in policy making meetings. To do the latter, we are currently setting up a large network, to provide students who have the expertise and interest to join such events.

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