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A Young Researcher Initiative for Open Dialogue on New Plant Breeding Techniques and the Policy Thereof

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New Genomic Techniques

What are they?
What can they do?
Why are people discussing them?

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Opening up Dialogues

We are continuously hosting events to exchange perspectives on the future of agriculture, and what role technologies like New Genomic Techniques could and should play

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We host open access information and events so that society can have an informed opinion on the future (technologies) of agriculture.


Stimulating Open Dialogue

Our goal is to provide society with open access to information that will enable them to form an informed opinion about the future of agriculture, particularly with regard to new technologies and innovations.


Representing Young Researchers

Our goal is to provide a platform for students and young researchers in the field of plant biology to voice their opinions on New Genomic Techniques and related policies.


Influencing EU policy

We advocate for the responsible and future-proof use of New Genomic Techniques in the current EU policy.