We highly appreciate you interest! Being part of the board requires a lot of dedication and organisational effort. At this moment in time, the board has decided to remain relatively small, to maximise efficiency and management. Hence, we are currently not open for new applicants. We will give an update when that changes.
However, joining GeneSprout Initiative as a volunteer is possible. 
If you are interested in the latter, please mail us: info@genesproutinitiative.com

Yes, collaboration is certainly possible, especially if your organisation / group aligns well with the aims of GeneSprout Initiative (see below). The collaboration depends on your own interest; e.g. if you are organising an event, and you would like to include student representatives then we might be able to provide. Moreover, co-organisation might be possible. For specific details and propositions for collaborative efforts, please contact us:

Aims of GeneSprout Initiative
1. Gaining more insight into the current knowledge and opinion of society on NPBTs
2. Improving free-to-use, open access information and knowledge on NPBTs, and their implications for all
3. Creating awareness and involvement amongst students, young researchers and society on the policy of NPBTs
4. Organising students and young researchers on global scale in the policy-making process regarding NPBTs